Boat Terminology

All across the country boating is growing each year as individuals and families discover the fun and enjoyment that this recreational pastime brings. Until now, however, very little knowledge has been acquired prior to actually getting underway. Although boating as a recreation provides hours of enjoyment, it can also be very dangerous if the individual participants are not aware of the safety factors which must be considered. It is the intent of this curriculum to lay out the basics that must be considered in order to make your boating experience a pleasant one.

Boating has a language all its own and just like any language which is foreign to our native tongue it requires practice and repetitious use to master. The parts of a boat are a good place to start. Each end and side of the boat has a special name. Its height and width also have special terms to describe them. For additional term definitions please see the Boating Basics Glossary of Terms.

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